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 A new NFT marketplace built with consumers and communities in mind

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Who we are

Tokiplace.io is a decentralized, digital content marketplace built by Tokenable Ltd.

As an NFT hub, we are building the definitive platform to create, discover, and trade any digital asset on the blockchain.

We’re powered by a solid network for high performance, where users can leverage all features of the Ethereum ecosystem. 

Here, artists can obtain authenticity and liquidity for their work.
For collectors, a place to find rare and unique works. 
For novices, Tokiplace acts as a perfect entry point to crypto and art.
For investors, Tokiplace offers an excellent development project for their business, whether they want to invest in capital gains or cash flow.

Taking Crypto universe to the next level

We see ourselves as a foundational piece to enable the future of digital art, collectibles and crypto-assets that will be used by every collector, investor, brand, and community.

  • Create your NFT collection
    Create your own profile and unlimited collections. Tokenize your content to create certifiable and timeless tradable digital assets.


  • Discover and be discovered
    Find out what you like among thousands of contents or emerge as an artist, collector or trader among many.  


  • Trade and share with anyone
    Sell, auction, or even donate your NFTs to others, on your terms.


  • Earn and trade TOKIs
    Discover our TOKI token, which allows holders to unlock additional features, generate income, and vote!

A unique digital marketplace

  • Scarcity and uniqueness
    All NFTs will be offered in limited quantities. Scarcity allows creators to personalize their work in new and interesting ways while also challenging conventional concepts of worth.


  • Any valuable content
    Tokiplace welcomes all types of content, including 2D images, 3D models, audio and texts. Our goal is to simplify NFT trading so that our users can easily find and transact with the content they want: from artwork to financial assets.


  • Decentralized market
    Through smart contracts hosted on the most updated Ethereum network it is possible to trade directly and in total safety with any user on the platform.


  • Security and high-performance
    Tokiplace can transact in an ultra-fast and secure environment, limiting the visibility of commissions to our end users thanks to the Ethereum network.


  • Eco-friendly
    Reducing the environmental impact is at the top of our thoughts. Ethereum is upgrading from the proof of work protocol (respective value to mining) to the proof of stake protocol (respective value to holding), severely limiting energy consumption. Its goal is to improve the speed, efficiency, and scalability of the Ethereum network: more eco-sustainability and volume of transactions.

What is an NFT?

NFT = Non-Fungible Token. The acronym NFT represents a set of digital information contained in a blockchain that guarantees rights and attributes to a specific subject. A token is cryptographically associated with a media file, which when purchased becomes a certificate of ownership and authenticity recorded in a blockchain. Essentially, an NFT is a digital version of a limited-edition, one-of-a-kind, or collectible item.


Like any great ambitious initiative in the crypto universe, Tokiplace has its own token: TOKI. The TOKI is designed to be a digital trade currency in the Tokiplace platform, events, and as a bonus in other future features and initiatives, but it is much more… Collecting TOKIs will be very easy for anyone. For investors, TOKI will represent the opportunity to contribute to the expansion of the project and the possibility of getting hold of a digital asset that acquires greater and greater value over time.

Tokiplace litepaper


Tokiplace crew

Massimo Ruotolo
Massimo Ruotolo


This section is being updated, and the entire team will be added soon. In any case, we're still hiring! Do you want to get on board?


TOKIPLACE is a platform owned by Tokenable Ltd a company registered in England under number 13843807 All rights reserved.